Exhibitor Information

November 27 – 29, 2020 and the following weekend December 4 – 8, 2020.

In 2019, the Bazaar drew an audited 33,000 in paid attendance. This is not the number of people who went through the turnstiles, these are paid admissions. Our extensive advertising budget, spent by an agency that has worked on this show from the very first day, maintains this level with creativity and by making the best deals out there. And, as an elder statesman, the Christmas Bazaar also has in incredible mailing list, which we spend a lot of time and energy keeping clean and current.

   While retaining a large number of exhibitors from year to year, America’s Largest Christmas Bazaar is always looking for exhibitors that offer interesting and unique products not typically offered at shopping malls and fairs. Our audience enjoys both commercial and juried handcrafted products, which co-exist very well and round out the shopping experience. Of the 900 booths at the show, 500 handcrafted booths are located in Artisan’s Alley, two centrally located areas in Halls D & E. Both of these areas have black pipe & drape rather than the red and green that we use in the rest of the show. Crafters are offered reduced booth fees provided they qualify. Qualifications are simple: everything in the booth must be handcrafted by you with a photo of your finished product and one of you creating it. Thanks to the digital age, this can be as simple as sending a photo via email.

   For commercial products, we structure the show so as not to have too many of any one item. As an example, by six weeks before the show, we are typically filled up on such things as jewelry and skin care products. For identical commercial products, we allow one per hall, so please check to be sure that yours is not already present at the show.

    Because last years exhibitors have until Mid – September to sign up, we don’t know for sure if your company/category is already covered until after that date. We also won’t know about location availability until after the floorplan is completed in late September, We advise that you send a note with your contract if you have any preferences and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requests. The cover letter explaining those things and more is available by clicking below.

Hand crafted guidelines: One of our advertising messages for this show is to buy local. The other attraction is unique and unusual products. The show welcomes commercial products as well as handcrafted, however we do offer reduced booth rent to those who make their product themselves because of the many hours of labor that crafters put into the art compared with the typical commercial vendor.

Our definition of handcrafted is: a product that you make by yourself. The vendors’ work must be predominant and the starting materials must be significantly altered and/or enhanced by the vendor. This can include embellished items such as sweatshirts that your own design has been hand applied to. It can also include high quality reproductions of your own original work. Some things that are not in this category are computerized printouts of, as an example, a family crest. Imported items do not qualify.

In order to qualify for the handcrafted rate, you must submit photos of your items and photos of you making your product along with your contract. In lieu of photos, you can qualify yourself if you provide us with a list of juried shows that you’ve been a part of, such as Saturday Market. We will contact the promoters of those shows to confirm your eligibility. If you sell a handcrafted product your booth rent is reduced.