A little about what to expect when you come to the Bazaar:
This show was begun back in 1982, the brainchild of Don Wirfs. Don sold the event to his longstanding employee, Christine Palmer, some 20 years ago. The company remains small and local, with two employees who, in addition to the Bazaar, produce eight large Antique & Collectible Shows.

During its 35 years the show has kept pace with what customers want and we offer a truly unique shopping experience during the holiday season. The show takes place in two large halls at the Expo Center. You’ll find two big areas in the center of each hall, called Artisan’s Alley. You’ll know you’re there when you see the black drape behind each booth. Those booths have all been through our jury process to ensure that what you see has been handmade by the exhibitor. We are not an ‘art’ show, but more of a craft-based event. We are constantly impressed with the creative and unique ideas that our exhibitors come up with, and the amazing amount of effort they put into those ideas. You’ll find pet products, journals made from vintage children’s books, fudge, handmade baby quilts, very cool things to wear, handmade personalized ornaments, flavored soap, original framed photographs, personalized kid’s chalkboards, fishing and golf items, pickled garlic, birdhouses, jewelry of all types and much more. Just like your church bazaar only with a lot more booths!

The other half of the show consists of carefully selected commercial items geared towards holiday shopping. We are careful about who we allow to do the show so we make sure to bring you the hottest and most interesting things.