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Hours: Fridays & Saturdays:

10am to 6pm Sundays: 10am to 5pm

Admission: Adults: $7.00
Children age 12 to 17: $3.00, Under 12 free

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Here you will find all you need to know about becoming an exhibitor at the C.B…..

Santa's Village

Santa’s Village is a large, walk through display that changes every year. Santa of course….

About the C.B.

This show was begun back in 1982, the brainchild of Don Wirfs. Don sold the event to his longstanding employee, Christine Palmer, some 20 years ago. The company remains small and local, with four employees….

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Laura Wornstaff

So a story from America's largest christmas bazaar yesterday. So yesterday as our little family was wandering the Christmas bazaar we run into a area that you saw little buildings. When you are wandering down the aisle on the right all of a sudden you see 2 princesses. A little girl stops not just stops but a dead stop. Looks up at her mama and daddy and says Elsa? Anna? With a little question in her voice. As she is reassured that yes, that is in fact Anna and Elsa, she drops to her knees and stares and in that little voice again looks for reassurance that yes those are in fact 2 of her very favorite princesses (who go by Annabelle and the Snow Queen) and she gets up to run and she is stopped, being told no boog it's not your turn. So she stands there as patiently as she can, which at 2 is so very very hard. And when it's her turn she runs to Elsa and gives her a hug and looks like she doesn't want to let go. Then she turns to Anna and gives her this hug that says oh you are real, you are here in front of me and I so can not believe it, then Elsa touches her shoes and says 'who is that on your shoes?' The little girl responds quietly 'Anna and Elsa, you, you are on my shoes'. When it's time to sit down so her and her sister can have their picture taken she is so very serious as she is still in shock. After encouragement from her mama, daddy, Anna, Elsa and the photographer she smiled only a smile that she could smile. And after the picture she looked at her 2 favorite princesses and said thank you and gave them the hug that only a little person who is so very much still in disbelief could give. And talked about those 2 women for the rest of the day. So thank you America's largest christmas bazaar for making the day of my baby girl, who in the eyes of many it may not have been much but in her eyes it was the world. And if she can she will remember yesterday forever. ... See MoreSee Less

6 hours ago

Mt. Hope Farms

We had a wonderful time at America's Largest Christmas Bazaar this weekend- we'll be there again this upcoming Friday, Saturday and Sunday in space D52! Get some fruit spreads for hostess gifts, stocking stuffers and to use for holiday appetizer and cheese platters :) ... See MoreSee Less

6 hours ago


Hello! NAEbalm , all Natural and Effective skin balm, is happy to be at America's Largest Christmas Bazaar event for our first year ! Our balm is 100% natural , made from organic olive oil and beeswax and then infused with 6 essential oils to help your skin be moisturized and helps with sore muscles and stiff joints ! Come try a free sample and see for yourself ! We are located in hall E Row F, space 23! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago


Hand Crafted Section

artisan-alley-400One of our advertising messages for the 2015 show will be to buy local and that you can buy a lot for your money, two of the reasons people come to the Christmas Bazaar. The other attraction is unique and unusual products. The show welcomes commercial products as well as handcrafted, however we do offer reduced booth rent to handcrafted exhibitors because of the many hours of labor that crafters put into their art compared with the typical commercial vendor.

Our definition of handcrafted is: a product that you make by yourself. The vendors work must be predominant and the starting materials must be significantly altered and/or enhanced by the vendor. This can include embellished items such as sweatshirts that your own design has been hand applied to. It can include high quality reproductions of their own original work. Some things that are not in that category are computerized printouts of, as an example, a family crest. Imported items do not qualify.

In order to qualify for the handcrafted rate, you must submit photos of your items and photos of you making your product along with your contract. In lieu of photos, you can qualify yourself if you provide us with a list of juried shows that you’ve been a part of, such as Saturday Market. We will contact the promoters of those shows to confirm your eligibility. If you sell a handcrafted product, your booth rent is reduced to $380.00 per 10 x 10, which works out to $63.33 per day.

What other show goers had to say

  • Amanda Cherrington
    Amanda Cherrington - “I get our Family Christmas Ornament here every year. It has also become tradition for my sister and I to go, one of the very few times a year we get to spend time together and bond!”
  • Tracey Shroyer
    Tracey Shroyer - “Love all the great ideas, and it's a great place to go with a sister or friend who likes crafts too.”
  • Mary Beth Smith
    Mary Beth Smith - “Best place to find those hard to find gifts for friends and family.”
  • Penny Mathes Kindsfather
    Penny Mathes Kindsfather  - “Everything!!!! Soooo many things to look at and have a great time!!!”
  • Kristin Smith
    Kristin Smith - “I like all the handmade items. Going with friends and family every year!!”
  • Debbie Hahn
    Debbie Hahn - “This is the most wonderful bazaar I have ever been to. It has everything at every price range.”